Looking for health IT professionals? We can find them.

Belle Oaks of America, Inc.

Healthcare recruiting since 1984.

For Employers

  1. Belle Oaks finds qualified, thoroughly screened, industry professionals for:
    1. EMR, biotechnology, and medical device manufacturers.
    2. Hospitals/healthcare providers.
    3. Health technology consulting firms.

  2. We recruit permanent employees or contractors in R&D, marketing and sales, training and implementation, project management, operations, executive leadership and clinical practice.

  3. Our success and speed come from a high response and referral rate built up over years of network building.

  4. Our fee is contingent upon a successful hiring.

    1. Belle Oaks sends every two months a FREE list of professionals coming back on the market.

    For Job Seekers

    Belle Oaks finds permanent and contract work for qualified candidates with EMR, biotechnology and medical device companies, hospitals and consulting firms. Once we receive your resume, Belle Oaks' professional staff will try to help you at no cost through:

    • Career counseling
    • Planning and often rewriting your resume
    • Setting up interviews
    • Notifying you of relevant job and contract openings
    • Briefings and product literature on companies
    • Interview preparation
    • Post-interview follow through for a smooth transition from your present job to a new career

    About Us

    Ed Simmons, a former Green Beret medic, decided in 1984 that healthcare and computers were going to be the hot market of the future. Belle Oaks' first client was McDonnell Douglas Health Information Systems ( Our First Job Order). Since then we have assisted over 100 health technology manufacturers, consulting firms and hospitals with employee searches. We use our national database, nationwide networking and recruiting expertise to fill all types and levels of industry jobs from development and design to sales, delivery and executive management. Our clients range from start-up to large, multi billion dollar companies. Our aim is to place people in situations where they will succeed and to help our company clients grow.

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